When any teenager gets a license to drive, it signifies freedom as well as the lure to discover the road. Nonetheless with this newly found freedom, there is a flotilla of possible issues arise, which many teens have never encountered before. We have listed a few important ideas which are necessary for every teen as well as new driver to stay acquainted. This will help them handle every situation confidently and, most importantly, carefully.

• You need to have proper driving skills

One of the important things every teen and newbie driver needs to do before getting their car is to get enrolled in a good driving school at Pascoe Vale. In a school students are properly taught about road rules and practices to follow. They will end up being a more confident driver and learn ways to steer away from common pitfalls.

A reputed driving school will provide students proper driving techniques at individual levels. The drivers will make sure to provide the best possible education on rules and the road regulations to follow. Reading about the street law practices is one thing, while experiencing it first-hand is something real.

• What to do when attended by a police official?

You must safely pull to the side of the road. Turn your car off, roll the windows down and make sure that your hands are visible. Never try to argue with an officer or make abrupt moves. All your arguments should be kept for the traffic court only.

• Dealing with flat tire

Even if it destroys your tire completely, make sure that you pull off the road. Make sure that you immediately call for some road side help and let the other person change the tire if you are unsure about the way to proceed with this step. If you have a kit with a spare tire, ensure that you do know the process of changing the tire. You must ensure that you are out of the traffic and before changing the tires stay at the plain sight of the oncoming traffic.

• What must you do when you notice the ‘check engine light’?

In case you notice that there is a difference in the performance of the car, any kind of mechanical noise or smoke getting emitted from tailpipe or any kind of smell, you need to immediately stop the car and should call for assistance. Whenever you notice any of the above symptoms happening, the car should be taken to the dealer and then let the problem get diagnosed. Nonetheless, in case you have just bought gas, then probably the gas gap is probably loose. You need to tighten the cap and then drive ahead smoothly. You will notice that the light will go away after a few minutes.


Factors Every Teen Should Know To Drive Safely