Most of the people love their cars, some people love their car more than their own life because the car is an expensive thing on which you spend a lot of money and when you buy a good car, you try to care about it as much as you can. But the world is full of surprises and anything can happen anywhere, you can get into an accident by any means, whether it took place because of your mistake or because of the other person driving their vehicle, you will have to bear the loss of your car damage, this is why people are sometimes very afraid to take out their new and branded car for a long drive, they fear that what if they get into an accident, however, it is not possible that you always keep avoiding accidents except if you are lucky enough to have that fate, otherwise every person has involved in some kind of accident with a car once in their life at least, therefore Bowra Panel & Paint is here for you, we are providing you with the best services if you have got involved into an accident, you can count on us in situations of accident for your car. Here are some of the services that we are providing you for the accidental car:

Towing Service:

There are times when the accident is so crucial that cars are not even able to move an inch by themselves, in this case, a person cannot drive the car to the mechanic and fix the car because the car is not even moving by itself, most of the time it happens when the engine gets damaged or the wheels of the car get destroyed, in these cases towing the car is the best choice. We are providing you with the service of towing in Scarborough your car if you have got your car into an accident and your car is not moving by itself or it is unsafe to drive the car in that condition.


We understand that when a person gets into an accident with their car, they get a lot sad because they have to spend money on it to repair it otherwise they might have to throw it into the scrapyard, this is why we are providing you with estimating so that you can have a good estimate, we are providing you with the tailored solutions from which you will not have to pay much.

Repairs and alignments:

In major accidents, the alignment and the panel of the car get completely out of order, in these cases, it is very dangerous to drive the car, this is why we are providing you with panel repairs and alignments so that you can drive the same old car with the new sensations.

Bowra Panel & Paint is the best choice for you, contact us right now if you are stuck with your accidental car on the road and you want it to be towed and repaired. 


Services Provided By Bowra Panel & Paint